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Kita Little Researchers Augst

Our day-care center is characterized as a family-supplementary care. The children are cared for in an atmosphere of security and trust. Each individual has special abilities and creative creativity. Our goal is to accept and encourage every child in terms of their development. Our day-care center should also offer parents the opportunity to combine family and work. Our everyday life is characterized by mutual appreciation and recognition. We maintain an open culture of welcome and a personal exchange with the families. Our job is to respect and appreciate the cultural and religious diversity of families. The joint and individual focus on childcare is of great relevance.

What characterizes and distinguishes:

Loving and family  the atmosphere

Bilingual English and German

varied  trips

kids yoga

forest day

emergency care


weekend care

Qualified staff with pedagogical training

what makes us  particularly?


Our day care center has a beautiful view of nature. We have a large garden and a playground in the courtyard. Rabbits and chickens also live in the yard. The children experience the hatching and growing of the chicks and learn to be considerate. In addition, we regularly visit the rabbits that live a few minutes' walk from our facility.  The day care center is just a few steps away from the Ergolz estuary and the forest. Nearby is the Roman Archaeological Museum , the Augusta Raurica archaeological site and the Augst kindergarten and school. Once a week we will explore the forest . The little explorers go out into nature in all weather conditions and explore the world. Through play, children learn to explore and understand the world. We offer the children a wide range of opportunities for perception and experience.


Our main concern is to support each child in exploring their world and accordingly to give them a positive self-image.

Was macht uns besonders?
Kita Kleine Forscher

mission statement  and socio-pedagogical principles

Our  Everyday life in the day-care center offers the opportunity to build relationships, deal with conflicts, express feelings and gain important social experience. We attach great importance to the children doing this independently. Thus we give them the help they need to promote their independence, according to the motto "Help me to do it myself".
Every child needs time to discover the world in their own way.
It is highly relevant that the children learn from holistic experience, regardless of whether they are designing, singing, playing, doing handicrafts, dancing, laughing, arguing, being angry, in a bad mood, being funny or proud. Experiencing all this is part of human life. We value loving interactions with each other, that everyone is respected and tolerated with their individuality and family culture. In order to achieve these values, norms and goals, we need certain group rules that help the children to orient themselves. These rules apply to everyone and are communicated without coercion, but with a healthy degree of consistency.
It is irrelevant whether educational staff, parents, interns or the children themselves help each other to internalize these rules. The role model function plays a major role in this. We consider the following theory:

Through the individual interests of the children, we playfully promote specific areas of development in a targeted and needs-oriented manner. Our guiding principle is participation in everyday life.


With a structured daily routine and recurring rituals, we convey a sense of security and safety to the children. Our structured daily routine is based on the needs of the children.

Clear rules &  Instructions

warmth of heart &  recognition

Freedom & stimulation

Super Hero Kids
Leitbild  und Sozialpädagogische Grundsätze

Objective of individual support

Our pedagogical concept aims to strengthen the children in their individual cognitive and emotional development and to encourage them to develop their own personality. On the other hand, they should acquire and use social skills. The child is encouraged and supported in its personality development. Our guide is aimed at participation. In this way, we prepare the child for entering kindergarten or school.

Kinder mit Umhängen
Zielsetzung der individuellen Förderung


Kita Little Researchers 

Main street 17

4302, Augst

Phone: +41 76 332 40 58


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